Motorola’s “mobile law enforcement communication system” is effectively an autonomous police car. With a suite of tools that can also scan and even prosecute criminals while en route to jail.

Autonomous Police Car Scans the suspects
Autonomous Police Car Scans the suspects using in-built tech in car

This autonomous police car contains Facial recognition software and a built-in fingerprint scanner. Which will be able to determine if the suspect is already on the police database. while scanners would detect if the person being detained has any weapons on them.

Equipment's in the Autonomous car
Equipment’s in the Autonomous car

A breathalyzer would be used to determine if suspects are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There’s also an online payment system, which would allow paying any fines or penalties who don’t follow rules.

The company filed a patent in the USA detailing the concept, which even includes a chip and pin payment machine to allow offenders to pay fines mid-journey.

The autonomous police car has the live stream functionality that would allow judges to question suspects via a video feed.

The system is intended to help streamline the justice process, by quickly identifying suspects that have been arrested at the scene of a crime.

This proposed mobile justice dispenser is all about increasing efficiency when it comes to processing criminals, although it’s unlikely to be something we’ll see as anything other than this patent for many years, if at all. It is unlikely law enforcement agencies will start using the autonomous police car anytime soon.