Hotstar requesting to record ambient audio


Hotstar is recently started to requesting users to record their ambient audio for better video recommendations on its app. This requires the permission of your phone’s microphone and an active internet connection.

Hotstar requesting to record ambient audio
Popup appears while opening Hotstar App

Almost every Indian loves cricket. Cricket fans either stuck to their TV or they watch cricket online. Every cricket fan uses Hotstar to watch live. Not only live sports users can also stream movies, TV Shows, for free or by paying an annual fee for Premium content. To stream premium content users must pay an annual subscription ₹ 999, Only for Sports pack (annual ), it costs up to ₹ 299.

Hotstar plans to improve video recommendations to users by listening to what content and channel users are watching more. So they integrated SDK to measure and analyze television channel viewership

How Hotstar audio recording works?

Hotstar requires your phone’s microphone to continuously record an audio around users including your personal conversations and your tv audio. This recorded audio file will be encrypted to fingerprint files and stored in your phone. This fingerprint files will be matched through their databases and match the content. The matched type of content will be recommended through the hotstar app.

No actual audio samples or voices including conversations that you may have will be saved on your device or transferred, at any point of time during the fingerprinting process” Says Hotstar

In the privacy policy, Hotstar stated that the recordings will not be stored more than 48 hours of recorded date.

Users can approve to access your device microphone and recording functions for the fingerprinting process. When the pop-up appears on your device screen requesting your Approval. Users at any time deny approval for access your device microphone and recording functions on the pop-up that appears from time to time or by disabling the microphone functionality on your device.

you can read the privacy policy of the Hotstar for more details.