Lumzag: World’s Most Secure Backpack With Rear View Camera


what can a normal backpack do? storing your stuff, protecting stuff from water, holds a laptop and other accessories in place. But if we forgot anything to keep in our bag before leaving the house? that’s it.. you need come back and pick it up what you missed. What if you lost a backpack on your way to work? oh, leave it. You can’t find unless the police intervene. Can it charge your phone wirelessly in an emergency situation? I don’t think so. There is a bag called Lumzag to overcome these problems.

Lumzag, an Innovative smart backpack designed with high-end Materials like Carbon Fiber, leather, and smart features. All the other smart backpacks come with either 1 or 2 smart features. To make life effortless, Lumzag backpack comes with 7 smart features. Lumzag backpack features intelligence, power, safety, and control.

Based on the prototype made by the Lumzag Inc; they started to raise funds through Indiegogo at a stage of prototype and yet to start production.

The Lumzag ‘s 7 Smart Innovative Features

  1. Wireless Charger and Built-in Power Bank
  2. Inside Light
  3. Missing Item Reminder
  4. Open Alert and Remote Anti-Theft Alarm
  5. GPS Tracking
  6. Back View Camera
  7. Global Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wireless Charger and Built-in Power Bank

Lumzag features a built-in 10,000 mAh Power Bank which can be removable at Airports and other security checks. You can double your Power Bank Size by adding another of the same capacity. You can charge your devices wireless or by plugging it via USB-C cable simultaneously up to 3 devices. To charge the Power Bank inside Lumzag backpack you can charge it via USB-C cable or wireless charging pad. You need to buy the wireless charging pad separately for a price of $27.

Lumzag 's Wireless charging helps your devices charge on the go without a cable
Lumzag ‘s Wireless charging helps your devices charge on the go without a cable
Courtesy: Lumzag

Inside Light

Never again dig blindly inside your bag, trying to find something. The built-in LED light in the main compartment gives you a comfortable and energy-efficient solution for the problem of that black abyss in the bag. Light turns on automatically when you open your bag in the dark.

Lumzag contains LED light strip
Lumzag contains LED light strip

Missing Item Reminder

It is possible that some time we can forget to pack few items everyday. To avoid this problem Lumzag installed new feature in the backpack. As the name suggests the Lumzag reminds you when you forgot to place a valuable item in your backpack.

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Lumzag equipped with special sensors inside each compartments of the bag. The users just need to attach the stickers on each item in your bag. And list your belongings on your Lumzag Mobile App. If you have a doubt that you have forgotten something you can check using your App. The App also notify you when you missed something on your list automatically when you start moving.

Lumzag reminds you when you miss to pack your stuff
Lumzag reminds you when you miss to pack your stuff

 Open Alert and Remote Anti-Theft Alarm

Every time when someone tries to open your bag or steal it Lumzag, mobile App will notify you. It will also activate a high-pitched alarm when the distance between you and your bag is above your set maximum. 

Lumzag also sends a notification to your mobile when exactly your backpack zip is opened. This backpack also notifies when the zip is not fully closed. Simply users can activate the security mode in the app and protect your bag from the thieves.

 Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track your bag wherever you are, regardless of the distance between you. The GPS tracker allows you always to know the exact location of Lumzag in real time. The GPS tracking is free of charge, thanks to special technology developed by Lumzag team which doesn’t use internet data.

Lumzag: Real Time Location sharing
Lumzag: Real Time Location sharing

Back View Camera

Get an extra pair of eyes in the urban jungle: always be aware of what is going on behind, seeing it in live view mode on your smartphone screen through the camera on the back. This feature is optional and if you don’t need it you can request Lumzag without the camera. You can even take shots and save videos!

Lumzag: Back View Camera

Lumzag: Back View Camera

Global Wi-Fi Hotspot

To have affordable internet access, regardless of the internet connection available in the area. Lumzag a specially designed built-in data sim card in the backpack which gives you an opportunity to have WiFi connection in the whole world with much lower prices than roaming internet connection. You can also use local sim card through another slot which is present in it. Activate this function only when you need to use it.