Russian Man Pays For a New iPhone XS With 350 kg Full Of Coins


A man went to an Apple re-seller store in Russia to buy the latest iPhone Xs. Everything seemed normal until the man uncovered a bathtub full of coins that he intended to use to buy the device.

According to Ludmila Semushina, head of that specific Apple Store in Moscow, Russia, Svyatoslav Kovalenko walked into the store with a bathtub full of coins.

It was carried by a group of men as pictured and the bathtub had approximately 100,000 Russian rubles. That translates to $1,400 US Dollars, which happens to be the price tag of the iPhone XS 256GB variant.

A video posted on Instagram early Wednesday showed the young men filling the bathtub before loading it into a Jeep and driving it to the Yevropeisky mall in central Moscow.

The men in the background of the photo apparently helped the man carry in the rather heavy tub and its contents. The video also shows how the man and his friends faced difficulties in getting the bathtub inside the mall where they were stopped.

The video was posted by blogger Svyatoslav Kovalenko who claimed that the bathtub weighed nearly 350 kilograms.